I 've been in EGYPT! The concert of Travis, i was There!!!!!

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Oh !Oh !Oh !


How are you dear virtual friends ?


What are news ? ??  Well, i am very sorry, for y lateness on the blog.

Firstly, i begin to tell you that i was on holidays….and do you know where ???

In EGYPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah !AH ! I tried a cruise on the  famous Nile River with excursions !

That was so AWESOME ! I ‘ve had so much fun during this cruise and above all with excursions. I ride on horse draw carriage, and i even carried a crocodile’s baby !! I have had the impression to make a reportage for the BBC LOL

I was on ferry, ;the service were great ! The excursions were excellent, i learnt a lot with these. What it is good with this cruise.. it’s that with few time you can see the different facets of Egypt : History (above all with temples), culture, felucca, visit of villages, souk, perfums…etc




I advise you to visit the nubians’ villages. Besides, Nubians have a culture that i didn’t know.I also advise you to go there on March or April, because it’s a period in which we can support the temperature. (between 27 and 36°C),


During this period, The landscapes were magnificient, splendid, wonderfull, a real dream ! You have a mixed of greenery and desert landscapes. Egyptians are warm and welcoming. They are also very sweet. Even, if a lot of live in misery.

I ‘m falling love of Egypt. It ‘s sure that i will come back there again, again and again…


Just, one bad point, the return at the airport of Paris when  the captain declared :

« Welcome to paris ! You quit 35°C in egypt for 5°C ! »

My God ! What horror ! In one day,  we lost 30°C ! ….-_- I Want to come back ! It ‘s a so crual return !




What’s else ! If you have surfed on my blog, you 've probably seen my video of the concert  at paris……THE CONCERT OF TRAVIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and YES !!! I WAS THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ater two years ‘wait….I ‘ve attended their performance !! My God ! It’s was excellent, i have so much fun ! I sang during the entire concert (or rather i shouted LOL ^_^).

I llike this band a lot. What i like with these guys, it’s their simplicity and humor. Yeah, it’s true,  it’s a real pleasure to see a pop rock band who are not showy !

I loved when at the last of the concert, everybody was jumping ! Ah ! Ah !


Well, it’s time to go away…For my new adventures ^0^

Orus and osiris are waiting for me, we will probably listen some travis’songs and read some newspapers in hieroglyph Ah ! Ah

Oh !Oh !Oh !

(You could see soon some photos of my trip on my gallery)


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Nicolas 13/04/2010 07:54

Votre blog est intéressant bonne découverte, je vous rend visite afin de vous montrer une de mes réalisations présentant deux acteurs du film The Rock en l'occurrence Ed Harris et Nicolas Cage
Qu'est-ce que vous en pensez ?
Bonne continuation à vous dans vos projets.
Nicolas graphiste

undergraduate dissertation 03/12/2009 12:27

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!