Nadal is a genius!! I like the chinese new year!!!!!!!

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How are you young people???

It was begining a very long time that i wrote nothing on my blog!So, behold tha last news!

Firstly, let's talk about sport!!! RAFAEL NADAL HAS WON YET!!!!! This  was the Australian Open! He 's so strong!  VRAVO RAFA!!!
With the few matches that i could see (because FLC don't have the cable television), we can say , that he scored  a lot! It just rests one open and ..He will win the four area!!

Well, The last Sunday there was a parade for the chinese new year. It was in Paris, near "Place d'Italie". Our Chinatown! ^^
And me, FLC, I was there! I LOVEEEEEEEEED! Dragons, firecrackers..everything was at this Rendez vous!!!!
You can see some photos on my gallery!

What's elses??? At the level of cinema...There were a lot of movies but unfortunately, i don't have the time to see them.

At level of Manga: Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is not anything new. Perhaps, it's because , i've already read the best mangas. well i profit by this article to make a little ad for one of my prefered manga. I appreciate it a lot but it's not very famous in france. It 's ..MUSHISHI! Very beautifull and poetic story, marvellous pictures....

At the level of my comics: It is progressing slowly. I have a little lateness at the present time. I 'm going to rush the cadence.. I Promise!

AH§AH! THE BIG NEW!!!! The concert of travis is this week!! I'm so pressed!! At last!!!

Well dear virtual friends from internet, i let you!

This year is the year of buffalo so.. Cool Attitude as my vietnamese friend said often.


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