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With the most happiness, success and a good health for everyone ! Free delivery from FLC !!!! YEAH !


I’m so sorry for my lateness for the blog. I was a little busy. But let me tell dire how many things i have done.


Well, I have the chance to attend concert of ..Sir Keziah Jones !  MY GOD !!!!! I twas too awesome !  What a great talent ! Keziah Jones is a master of guitars !!





I’ve also done a little discovery during the first part of the gig !  A charming little woman (very jolly) with a style of JACKSON FiVE came out on the stage.  She begins sing. Just her.. her acoustic guitar and her micro. And at this moment, we think… Attention ! A futur new talent is arriving !!!! Her name : Krystle Warren !


Surfing on Google i learnt that her album will release on February ! The futur CD that i forecast buy.  Fr curious i let you the link for her MySPACE Blog :




I ‘ve also gone to the theatre Mogador at Paris to see ..The musical comedy of THE LION KING ! I twas a nice surprise !


What’s about movies ? At the cinema, two movies touched me a lot. The first is « The Changeling » of Clint Eastwood and the second is « Seven  Pounds ». Two very sad films which were excellent. My prefered was « The Changeling » but it’s a very hard and cruel movie. More over, it’s very hard to believe that it was the adaptation of a real story.



  At last, the big new !! I’ve bought the tickets for the concert of..


TRAVISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How many times i wanted to go to one of their gig

I’m so glad !

Well it's time to say good by!!!


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