Rafa has lost US Open! Flc is a fan of cinema

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Hello everybody ! How are you ?
So, I went to “Berçy Villag” , a little parc in Paris. I love this splendid parc. Next to this parc, there are some shops very convivials. I pleased me by buying the poster of the movie: “V for Vendetta”. Besides, I advise you to watch it. 

I also watch again the serie “FULL METAL ALCHEMIST” on Dvd. What great serie!!
Wonderfull story, splendid music, excellent scenes of fighting, great characters… 

Otherwise, at the present time, I am following the tournament of “US OPEN”. But Unfortunately Rafael Nadal has lost. Poor player, it should be hard for him to do this tournament with his injuries. I think that he’s very courageous. onion56-8b858.gif


In front of journalists, he hasn’t want talk about his injuries as a pretext of his shutout. Obviously, Rafa has a lot of fair play.
What else ??? Oh yes! A big New for the fans of Lords Of the rings like me. I learnt that Peter Jackson will produce “Bilbo the Hobbit”. I have a huge desir to see it. 

So, See you soon on this blog ,  


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