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At this time, I find that the weather is very strange! nowai-bbad1.gif

It laugh at us and it find a real pleasure to make a lot of feints. It must be say something like that: 

"Ok the weather is beautiful, and i want put some rains and... I could add a few wind..! Ah no, i prefer add a strong wind! And then what can i add ? Oh yeah Why not! I can put hailstorm here and ... yeah ! Also Over-there!"

Wohhhhh! Stop! It must stop laugh at us! This can't be continue! We must fight against the weather! WATATATA!


No really, In the last week end, i was forecasting to wander in Paris, but the weather was really strange, i could ever say that it was completely "chemical" lol

And yesterday, when i decided to leave my house, THE RAIN ARRIVED! The weather had to say itself :" Yeah! This girl won't have to wander! AHAHAAHAHAHAH (*laughing of bad guys*) I will make a real hell of her sunday!!!!!!"
Yes , I know , I am going too far in my mind, it looks like an horror movie ^^

So, I just want say that at this present time, the weather is  a little haywire and that can be annoying but in the same time ,that can break  the monotony.

Well, in few days , there is Music's Festival in Paris! I love this festival ^^ It 's one of my preferred days of the year!! 113.gif

It 's really a good idea to have create this party. All people are together whatever their beliefs, their religions or their cultures , just for listenning music from all the world. 


So, See you soon on this blog!

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At this time, i am super overwhelmed!!!


Between my interviews, my "rendez vous", my revisions, my penpals from all the world (Besides i need absolutely send them some news from me , i'm late), my radios to prepare my chirurgical operation .... Oh yes because my dentist told me that i need to take off my wisdom teeth. Obviously, I have a little jawbone, and  consequently  i don't have enough place in my jawbone for my wisdom teeth .

Ah... really a chirgical operation , it's not very funny 1-4a65b.gif

So, I said all these things , to explain you that i am very buzy. More over I had intended to play tennis, but unfortunately, i don't have the time.

At last, I scanned one or two draws, but i still forgot  my USB key where are my files.
 Ah, ok ! I promise you  to put some draws in few days.

Oh!Oh! Oh!

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