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So ,  how are you ? yes, yes, That's a long time that i've not come on my blog ^^

Well, iam going to tell you all things that i've done  :)


I saw Ocean thirteen at the cinema, the last wednesday. I found it excellent! I love it!Great actors , wonderfull filmaking, a script very clear: So, A very good movie!

Thursday and friday, that was the wedding of my cousin ! yes it was during two days :)
And i entertained a lot .

The friday , the wedding was in a big Hall, and i got in my house at 6 o clock a.m, i was literally broken! lol

Besides, the friday morning, i had a rendez vous at the hospital to organize my surgical operation for my wisdom tooth.
My surgical operation will be on september the 19th. And finally i learnt that they will take off just two tooth and not four. Maybe, this could avoid me to have the well-known :  "yellow cheeks of marmot"  when you take off four wisdom tooth Ah!Ah! :)

So, during my saturday, i was a complete itinerant zombie in my house Ah!Ah!

On sunday afternoon, i left at a parc with my nieces ( they are twins and they have three. They are so cuuuuuuuuute ^^)

We have taken a little train and we have made a turn around the park. After that, we went to a lake to see some dukes. They love animals. :)

And today i had some telephone interviews and now i am trying to contact a center of tennis into reserve a tennis field. But unfortunately the telephone line is occupied! Ah... i want cry...,  i want my covered field! The "D"! It's my prefered and above all because  currently, we have a strange weather ...:)

what else???? Oh yes! Yesterday at ...1o'clock a.m ( yes, yes, at this moment i put to bed very late ), i reserved my tickets for my summer holidays!

Lastely, i will go to Rabat in Morocco!!!! YEAH!!! That's so cool! i may receive my tickets in few days. Ah!Ah! I am certainely going to make  some jealous ^^

So, see you soon on this blog!

OH!OH!OH (I wish you good holidays!)

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Yesterday, I saw the third Shrek  at the cinema with my friend Oli.

So, i give you my point of view concerning this movie , If  you are interested.




1) A very good animation and above all the body movements
2) A  very good direction
3) Very good jokes, with my prefered character of the film : The cat ! (I love this character,  He's so funny!) 


1) Some slowness in the film
2) The script is not very interesting but that's a shrek movie as usually
3) Some easy jokes at which we can waiting for .

Conclusion: A good movie to relax.  We have a fine moment without thinking but personnally , I prefer the second Shrek.

Or else, At this time i am watching the fourth season of one of my prefered japanese series. It's SAIYUKi!!!!!


I love too  this manga!!!!!! All the character are endearing : Hakkai, Goku, Kogaji...
My prefered character is SANZO!!!
He's so cool!
 I put you a little picture of him immediately. AH!AH!





So, see you soon on this blog!

Oh!Oh!Oh! (i return watch some episodes Ah!AH! :) )

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