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I had an excellent week end at Manga Expo !!! YEAH ! That was NoN STOP ^_^

Monday's morning i was broken 


The atmosphere of the festival was great! I loved It .

Good Points of the festival : There are a lot of quaint activities wich were very interesting : A show of asian dances, a show of martial arts, cosplay, japanese theatre , ...

It's sure that i would come back :)

My prefered activity of MANGA EXPO was the HIP HOP SHOW ( it's was too funny).


But THE thing which annoyed me was ...

Just a minute i explain you . For the festival i took with me my little camera and do you know what ???
On the Sunday, the half of my records have deleted!!! My camera have a problem with one of it button!

Above all, i had a lot of scoops like the interview of Kenji Kawai (the man who made the OST of Death NOte, Ring 1 and 2 , Patlabor ...) and the show of  NINJA TURTLES!!!! That was all my chilhood ... Ah....

4d6161fd-86b94.gif ARGH.... I 'M SO DISGUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, You can find some photos of MANGA EXPO in my Gallery 

See you soon on this blog!


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This evening, there are a lot of lucky persons who are going on holidays... Ah..beautiful youth...It remembers me many things....in particular in my rebelllious period...

Ah yes it remembers me the day where i helped this kind old man Che Guevara...he had a lot of problems with his revolution,... the poor.

Ah!Ah! I also helped  my friend Gallile, fortunatly, he listened about the Copernic Theorie.... Who else?
Oh yes this dear Diderot ! A brave man.

Marie antoinette and louis 14??? Nothing! They wouldn't listen to me... Ahlalal Everybody should listen FLC. I am the voice of the truth and reason!
And this capitalism world with protection,na ndkdkqnsqqsn;ds and th evhdsvqh:dza why yicydbcnbds;cb,sbdcx ncsncnsdbccmzcmbbsdjcbdcvfv...

Do you want more or do you want i stop to say rubbishes???
So, i think it's more better to stop LOL :)

There is a legend which say that Funny little cloud become crazy when Halloween arrives... YES! YES!
You don't belive me ???

Yes  it's naze, it's just a littl jok to speak about Halloween. Because i did a little draw for you, and i colored up with my computer and... without the fantastic PHOTOSHOP. I cope very well isn't it ??




Well, I let you. I have to prepare my costume to scare some children during Halloween.

BWAHAHHAHAHAHHHAH  I 'M SO NASTY!!!! And it's me! Yes , me who will get the most  candies!!!

003.jpg (Yeah i do an halloween in reverse, what's the matter ? Niark Niark)


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