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Yule and christmas are arriving!!! Yeah!! I love this atmosphere!! 

Fiou!!There were a lot of things which was happening! 

Above all i have lunched in an american dinner!! What's already the name??? Oh yes!  It's "Breakfast in america".

I have eaten blueberries pancakes!!! That was too good!!  Well i give you  the link of the dinner : 


Otherwise, concerning cinema, i have seen a  lot of movies, and i haven't even talk about those. Above all there was "l'heure zéro" , a french movie.  It was fairly good. It looks like a tv film. There was also "Surf's up", with a pretty good animation, but.. an empty script. I have seen "Mr Brooks" with kevin costner, the movie is quite good.

At last, i have seen " Enchanted", the last Disney's movie. An excellent film to have fun!!! I laughed a lot. I like the character of the charming prince, he's a too fun guy!!

I have also seen " Beowulf". Concerning me , i liked it, I think that it's a good movie but it can not enjoy everybody.  Just one remark, i don't understand the interest to make a 3d movie. I think that the real actors, the film would be better.

Otherwise, i have a big desire to see "American Gangster " , a movie of the filmmaker's GLADIATOR! And finnally, the film , that i want  the most see is ... EASTERN PROMISES!!! I like a lot Viggo Mortensen as an actor. He 's TOO TALENTED!!!!! What Super talent!!!!!

Well, See you soon on this blog!!!!

 Don't forget to write you list for santa Claus !!




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I have a big scoop to tell you.
I had the opportunity to go to the semifinals for the Masters Of Berçy at Paris.

Yes, yes, i also watched the match of Bagdatis With Rafael Nadal !!!!

yeah, i know that Rafa has lost the final with Nalbadian... sniff sniff (i want cry) 

But i will tell you about my saturday during the Masters of Berçy :)
The only day in which i was able to go. And What Day!!! So great !!

So, I arrived with my sister at 11.30 a.m, and we entered inside at 12 .30 a.m (in average).

The first match was  only going at 13.30 p.m.

But a big flucke arrived!

Do you know , who was training on the court ????? (suspense... suspense...)


japo037.gif IT'S RAFAEL NADAL!!!! THE REAL!!!!


The majority of the persons didn't notice, that it was RAFA .

But My sister and me , we have eyes like raptors ( Ah!Ah! A funny sentence isn't it ?) and we recognized him.

To offer a gift to my little sister, i went down to see him :)

Because after all, Rafa is her gemini.
Oh yes, i forgot to explain you this phenomen :)

onion53-8b85c.gif It's very simple. My sister is born the same day, the same hour and the same year than Rafael NADAL!
For this reason i decreed that Rafa is her gemini.

And since it, when Rafael Nadal is plaing and is losing, i ask her : " Hey, Are you stressed ?"

And she answers me : " Yes a lof of!"

Then i said : " Ah... It's for this reason that he's losing.  If you stress, You are influencing your gemini. Now you should concentrate. So, Concentration... concentration..."

And do you know what ? She does it . (we never know , it could function ah ! ah :) )

Moreover my sister , she's a big fan of Rafa. And it's her , the first, who talk me about Rafael Nadal.


So, i went down. He was doing a interview  and he was leaving.

And i said : " Hey , Rafa !" (Attention with a spanish accent ah!ah!)

Finally, he makes me an autograph and he 's smiling.

After all, i join my sister, and i give her the autograph. She's on cloud nine.

The semifinale of double begins but unfortunately, the frenches has lost (despite our powerfull supports )

Then, it's the match of RAFA!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!

At first,  he's winning 3-0 but suddently Bagdatis becomes a little devil! He becomes very strong!!!

But Nadal like a phoenix, come back of his ashes. (Ah! Ah!it's not a match of tennis. With me, it became a fight of comics)

But, at the end, RAFA HAS WON!!! DOUBLE YEAH!!!



So, good luck for Shangaï RAFA, and we are waiting for you for ROLLAND GARROS.








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