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Hello everybody!!!!!!

I am very sorry!!! undefined

It 's a long time that i didn't write an article on the blog. Sorry undefined

But it was the holidays you can understand me isn't it ? Ah!ah! ^^

So, with a little lateness that i wish you a...

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! undefined

With this new year, i wish you the most happiness and a good health for everybody! YEAH!!! undefined


See you soon on my blog :)

(What are my resolutions for this new year???? Nothing! Ah!AH! i never do resolutions :)
Perhaps, to be less crazy ??? No, I can't, it's too funny to be crazy BAWAHAHAHAHHA undefined )

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Going to see on the website Dailymotion , i found a video of a short movie by Tim Burton, named : VINCENT.

For persons who don't know , tim burton worked at Disney.  He did a short movie when he was there, but the movie didn't be accepted by Disney. A rumor on the web said that tim burton is redoing the movie ...

Waiting for it, i let you the original video! YEAH!!!

Personally, i loved it!! It's a movie with the pur atmosphere of tim burton :)

But regarding this movie,  we wonder if the character of vincent is in fact Tim Burton himself....

So, Good " looking"!


See you soon on this blog !

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